Who wore it better?


At first sight yesterday’s outfit was cute (if I say so myself) and girly.
But… there’s something special about it!

It’s about my pretty pink striped t-shirt I bought at Zara this week…
(You’re probably thinking okay, nothing special about that, right?!)

Truth is I bought it at the men’s department! 😉

My dear friend Ann works as floor manager of the men’s department at Zara Wijnegem and she just opened her brand new store. So I payed here a visit to congratulate her! And while I was admiring how beautiful her new store is, I found this pretty t-shirt. I could not resist and headed to the fitting rooms (had some strange looks from a few men) and not to my surprise, as I thought, it looked great! 🙂
I pimped it with a necklace and a blazer and there you have it: an outfit was created…

I really love finding “treasures” like this! Sometimes you just have to search there where no one else is looking 🙂

So, who wore it better? Me or the male model from Zara? 😉 It’s up to you to decide…


 blazer & t-shirt: Zara | jeans: h&m | sneakers & necklace: Primark

hartje mini

Ps: go check out Zara’s new men’s departement at Wijnegem Shopping center, it looks great!