Morning Maker at Maurice coffee & knits

Last friday I went to the first edition of Morning Maker!
Morning Maker is a pre-work party in Antwerp, created by the more than wonderful Veronique Leysen.
She got her inspiration in New York where they’ve been having pre-work party’s for over 1,5 years now.
Since then this popular concept has been picked up in the hottest cities all over the world like San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Berlin and many more.
IMG_1989 IMG_1984
Morning Maker wants to do things a little bit different:
“In New York this type of events have been trending for a while, they’re known with the concept of pre-work party’s. They go by the name “Day Breaker”, we made our own version: “Morning Maker“. The difference is we have yoga, we have a big healthy breakfast, jazz-music and afterwards a DJ. We make a smooth and gentle transition from waking up with yoga to a party with a DJ. In New York they immediately start off with a party.” – Veronique Leysen (interview with ATV-news)
The first edition was held at Maurice coffee & knits at the ground-floor of the KBC-tower in Antwerp.
With over 200 inscriptions it’s safe to say: this was a huge succes!
IMG_1970 IMG_1964
So what was Morning Maker about? Continue reading