Zalando creative content icon: the new professional look

This is my entry for the Zalando Creative Content Icon Award.
I thought about what I could send in, and what reflects me and my life.
Since July I have a new job in human resources and as a girl on sneakers I’m confronted with the conservative “office clothing style”. Women in two-piece suits, dresses, tights and heels: you know what I’m talking about.
Although there is nothing wrong with that, I thought I’d take a spin on this classic professional look and give it an anno 2016 modern feeling. Curious yet? Let’s have a look!

First of all let me start with the shoes, because brogues are totally back! And as a girl living on sneakers that’s not such a bad thing 😉 For me this is the perfect alternative to match a professional look. These beauties I got from Nelson Schoenen‘s online webshop (I’ll introduce you to them next time extensively in a new blogpost) and are from the brand Gabor.

Nothing wrong with matching a statement clutch to your outfit, life isn’t meant to be boring 😉
And to be honest, when you’re going in to meetings all day you don’t need to drag along your big bag all day.
An Iphoria clutch to carry the essentials, check!

I added a hat, not because you can wear it in the office all day. But when you go out during your lunch break a hat can make sure your hair doesn’t get wet and messed up here in rainy Belgium. Or if you’re lucky and the sun is out, it protects your eyes 😉 win win! Found this one at Primark.

Now more about the clothes. I chose a black and white look because whatever year it is, black and white never go out of style. And it’s what you do with it, how you mix & match that makes an outfit powerful.
Wearing joggers to work is my new thing! Wait what… joggers?!
Oh yes, JOGGERS! These pants from Only have a more classic cut and look but have the feeling and comfort of a jogging pants. What’s not to love?

A classic white blouse from Costes and my all time favorite black blazer from Zara are a perfect match for this look.
And because of the non-traditional cut of this blazer: non centered, longer model with the look of rolled up sleeves, this is yet again a modern twist to a classic item.

Last but not least I would advise you: do not over accessorize! Nobody likes to sit next to a colleague who’s bracelets or earrings cling every time they move an inch. #sorrynotsorry
A watch on the other hand is the perfect basic accessory to wear at work and comes in handy to check if it’s almost lunchtime yet 😉 I got this Daniel Wellington beauty for my birthday, lucky me!

So there you have it, my office look! Do you like it? Would you wear this?
Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts!
And as from now: fingers crossed for me winning this Zalando award 😉

PS: special thanks to my blogger-bestie That girl with her blog for taking these pictures! ❤


Who wore it better?


At first sight yesterday’s outfit was cute (if I say so myself) and girly.
But… there’s something special about it!

It’s about my pretty pink striped t-shirt I bought at Zara this week…
(You’re probably thinking okay, nothing special about that, right?!)

Truth is I bought it at the men’s department! 😉

My dear friend Ann works as floor manager of the men’s department at Zara Wijnegem and she just opened her brand new store. So I payed here a visit to congratulate her! And while I was admiring how beautiful her new store is, I found this pretty t-shirt. I could not resist and headed to the fitting rooms (had some strange looks from a few men) and not to my surprise, as I thought, it looked great! 🙂
I pimped it with a necklace and a blazer and there you have it: an outfit was created…

I really love finding “treasures” like this! Sometimes you just have to search there where no one else is looking 🙂

So, who wore it better? Me or the male model from Zara? 😉 It’s up to you to decide…


 blazer & t-shirt: Zara | jeans: h&m | sneakers & necklace: Primark

hartje mini

Ps: go check out Zara’s new men’s departement at Wijnegem Shopping center, it looks great!